iOS App Inspired By RC-505 Loop Station

Au­dio­K­it L7 live looper features up to 16 tracks and 8 ef­fects per track      11/12/19

L7 is the new live loop­er from Au­dio­K­it and Coda Labs. They say that, with up to 16 tracks and 8 ef­fects per track it’s an incredibly powerful loop­er for iOS. Here's the story in their own words...

Inspired by one of the most popular hardware loopers on the market, the legendary RC-505 Loop Station, L7 brings this power to iOS. Easy to use for beginners. Powerful enough for the stage and studio.

L7’s killer features include “VoiceTune” (inspired by Auto-Tune) and the ability to apply eight different effects to each audio track individually. AudioKit L7 is the first iOS looper to have both input (microphone) and output (performance) effects.

You can turn every-day sounds like humming, whistling, and finger tapping into dreamy musical motifs that sound like they were recorded in a professional studio.

Additionally, L7 is the first iOS looper to have effect triggering, which allows you to automatically trigger multiple effect changes in time with the metronome. With this feature you can create powerful, spontaneous musical moments like bass drops and beat changes.

Users can save their sessions and can even export their creations and use them in a professional digital audio workstation (DAW) on their computer to make full-fledged tracks.

L7 is a premium app, which means that once you’ve bought it, it’s entirely yours. There are no in-app purchases, ads, or subscriptions.

This app has an amazing story. Daniel Kuntz started making apps in high school, inspired and enabled by the AudioKit framework. When Daniel met the founder of AudioKit earlier this year, they quickly discovered their mutual love of loopers.

“AudioKit people were incredibly welcoming, which was a really big deal. I felt like it legitimized my work. It really encouraged me to keep going. I honestly thought they were out of my league. I did not ever consider that we would develop an app together. It’s like a dream come true.” – Daniel Kuntz

Aure Prochazka, the founder of AudioKit, was instantly impressed with Daniel’s drive, design skills, and musicality at such a young age. He enthusiastically wanted to partner with Daniel with the mission of creating the most fun and powerful looper for iOS. They might have done it.


  • Record up to 16 tracks
  • 8 ef­fects per track + mas­ter ef­fects & in­put ef­fects
  • Pan
  • Re­verb
  • Tremo­lo
  • Tem­po de­lay
  • Pitch shift (± 12 semi­tones)
  • Comb fil­ter
  • High pass fil­ter
  • Low pass fil­ter
  • “Voice ­tune” (inspired by Auto-tune) with 144 dif­fer­ent scales, con­trol amount & speed
  • Au­to­mat­i­cal­ly trig­ger ef­fect changes hands-free
  • Vari­able loop length with auto-stop
  • Mute / un­mute in­di­vid­ual sec­tions of a track
  • Over­dub tracks
  • Save ses­sions and ex­port wave files and mixdowns to use in your fa­vorite DAW
  • Im­port au­dio from any file for­mat (wav, mp3, aiff, m4a, etc.)
  • Au­diobus com­pat­i­ble
  • Sync with oth­er apps us­ing Able­ton Link
  • Works with most USB au­dio in­ter­faces
  • Best with wired head­phones


Pricing and Availability:
Available for an intro price of $3.99:

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