Synth Bundle For Reaktor Block Patch & Play

Modular monophonic and polyphonic synth collection includes a modulatable Piano Roll block      06/12/19

Synth Bundle For Reaktor Block Patch & Play

Toybox has released the Synth Bundle which they describe as a collection of powerful modular monophonic and polyphonic synthesisers. They say that combined with over 80 sequencing, synthesis and modulation blocks included, the synths can be patched in limitless combinations using virtual patch cables on the front panel.

Synthesis types include classic multi-wave, FM, waveform drawing, phase modulation, sampling and state of the art analog modelling.

Toybox tells us that the bundle includes a sophisticated, fully modulatable Piano Roll block with extensive editing functions, 2 automation lanes and performance features.

Piano Roll features include:

• 16 realtime modulatable knobs for pitch, swing, note length, stretch, warp, scale, key etc
• 8 different patterns that can be re-triggered, twisted, stretched and warped fluidly as they are played
• Launch Quantise feature keeps jamming locked to the beat
• Input ports allow for algorithmic inputting of notes by connecting LFOs and other modulation sources
• Note editing tools match features found on high end DAWs

A spokesperson told us, “The synths are compact and super satisfying and we feel the Piano Roll is really something quite unique: It's basically a fully featured piano roll with similar editing features to the one you would find in your DAW except it's totally modulatable in real time within the modular environment. You can really fluidly twist and flip sequences, trigger them from other modules or 'jam' them in real time. It's a really fun pack.”

Pricing and Availability:
$52 with discount (enter CHRISTMAS20 at the checkout for 20% off the $65 regular price)

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