Sonic LAB: Expressive É Osmose - First Look

Augmented Keyboard with expression and sounds      02/12/19
    MP4 23:59 mins    

The launch of the new Expressive É Osmose was last week - the 49 key, keyboard based instrument introduces a new concept in keyboard expression, with a completely custom key-bed that controls: - initial pressure (highly sensitive), secondary pressure and lateral movement (side to side).

We were very keen to see it for ourselves and had a visit from Expressive É with a prototype of Osmose - it will be changing - larger LCD, industrialized production etc. This was a mockup of the key-bed, connected to a laptop running the sound engine, the finished unit will be stand alone.

First up, its per key so each key becomes an independent expressive controller which then communicates with the internal Haken Audio EaganMatrix sound engine - you can also find this in the Continuum and is a highly advanced and expressive synthesizer  running on internal DSP. Its capable of up to 24 note polyphony (depending on patch complexity) and has some high quality effects.
Patches are programed in the software and transferred to the Osmose for recall and macro control. The combination is compelling we must say, with each key essentially being multiple modulation sources for the sound.

Chris took us through the whole thing.

Osmose initial early bird preorder for the first production run is sold out, but Expressive E have introduced an additional offer - details on the website. The full price will be in the region of €1,799

Updated Second Chance Offer:

  • with a 299$/€ deposit reserve Osmose at 33% off
  • Until December 31st Osmose final price 1799$/€ / 1205$/€
  • delivery in fall 2020 - limited quantities


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