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Illuminati dual USB lamp driver and LOL 3x eurorack mute are now available      02/12/19

Bastl has announced several new releases, covering a wide range of use cases with LOL, a 3 channel performative mute module which they say, especially when stacked, opens up a world of Cageian silence explorations. That’s followed by Illuminati, a light controller that they say is sure to add dynamics to a many of present day’s video or performative needs, and last but not least, their clock2trigger odyssey Kompas is now available as an assembled unit. Here’s the details direct from Bastl…
Illuminati can run 2 USB lamps at a time and controls light intensity either by incoming audio/CV signal or MIDI. There are controls for fine tuning the response and its case has enough flexible mounting holes for the wildest of uses imaginable. Fog machine not included.

LOL can either be used as a basic utility with its compact size and price, or stacked within a system to explore the possibilities of muting critical connections of any complex patch. Everything should have a mute button.



Kompas turns its clock feed into three 32–step sequences with probabilities adjustable by knobs or voltages. Originally a DIY only project made an assembled product by popular demand, its hardware is Arduino programmable and hacker friendly.

Pricing and Availability:

Kompas at 125, LOL at 60 and Illuminati at 100 euros (VAT excluded) are now available at and shipping to dealers.

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