Spitfire Audio Launches APERTURE STRINGS

US New library is free if you spend £299 on other stuff      29/11/19

There’s absolutely loads of Black Friday deals on today but Spitfire Audio has launched an all-new sample-based virtual instrument library, APERTURE STRINGS, as part of the promotion. Here’s their press release in full…

LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio is proud to announce its Black Weekend — with discounted delights, including individual sample libraries with 25% off and HANS ZIMMER STRINGS with 40% off (all the way through to the end of December) alongside Black Weekend-only collection savings (with up to 73% off individual products), plus an all-new APERTURE STRINGS sample-based virtual instrument library that is free when spending over £299.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$349.00 USD/€349.00 EUR (inc. VAT) and will never be available again — running from November 28 through to December 3…

Delightfully discounted individual sample libraries apart, Spitfire Audio customers can also save up to 73% off individually- priced products by buying one of the following Black Weekend-only collections: THE BLACK WEEKEND — comprising CHAMBER STRINGS (core), SOLO STRINGS, and OLAFUR ARNALDS CHAMBER EVOLUTIONS — weighs in at an attractive £685.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$799.00 USD/€799.00 EUR (inc. VAT), while THE TON — taking in BRITISH DRAMA TOOLKIT, EDNA EARTH, and ORCHESTRAL GRAND PIANO — is only £100.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$100.00 USD/€100.00 EUR (inc. VAT).

But Black Weekend also sees Spitfire Audio’s featured fire sale of a selection of collections, including 2018 CORE, 2018 PROFESSIONAL, BOHEMIAN, EVOLUTIONS, HYBRID, MAVERICK, SCANDI, STARTER, and SWARMS.
But better still, anyone spending over £299.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$349.00 USD/€349.00 EUR (inc. VAT) on any of those collections or, indeed, any Spitfire Audio product during its Black Weekend will also receive APERTURE STRINGS, introducing a true innovation in sampling — for free! From solo to symphony in an instant, Spitfire Audio has harnessed the power of four different string sections to create something sounding truly unique. Users can musically move seamlessly from a quintet of single players performing at the softest level right up to a full 60-piece symphonic string section playing at full tilt — and all within the same instrument! Incorporating the most fundamental articulations, APERTURE STRINGS allows anyone to achieve new levels of expression by controlling dynamics and number of players simultaneously, so serving up incredible focus, magnitude, and texture. The super-soft Pinwhole Ensemble was recorded with the canopy at AIR Studios dropped down to achieve a close, focused, and intimate sound — also available to play on its own. Expertly recorded in the hallowed (Lyndhurst) Hall at London’s legendary AIR Studios — scoring stage for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Harry Potter and The Dark Knight, Spitfire Audio is proud to offer up the most dynamic and expressive strings hitherto heard and impossible to recreate live — albeit available only during its Black Weekend between November 28 until December 3!

Pricing and Availability:

Available to directly download from Spitfire Audio as a 5 GB stunning sample-based virtual instrument library that is free when spending over £299.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$349.00 USD/€349.00 EUR (inc. VAT) during its Black Weekend from November 28 until December 3, APERTURE STRINGS needs Native Instruments’ KONTAKT PLAYER (5.6.8 or higher) — a free version of the KONTAKT sample playback engine (included in its acquisition) — to run as a fully NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD) supporting plug-in instrument for Mac (OS X 10.10 or later) or Windows (7, 8, or 10 — latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit).

Spitfire Audio’s free Download Manager application — available from here  allows anyone to buy now and download anytime.

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