Remix Original Major-Label Multitracks

Mix The Music online store specializes in multitrack audio files      28/11/19

Remix Original Major-Label Multitracks

Mix The Music is a new online store specializing in multitrack audio files that aims to let fans, musicians, DJ’s, educators, and engineers rediscover their favorite music. They say that it’s a backstage pass into classic and contemporary music production that enables you to listen, play along, record new music, and remix original major-label multitracks on your own computer. Here’s more details in the company’s own words…

Mix The Music enables you to download officially licensed major-label multitrack recordings, containing the stems, from Universal Music Group, Fox Film Music, WaterTower Records, Real World Records, Electronic Arts, and more. With multitracks from over 100 major-label artists, founder Budd Carr says, “To have a roster of artists and tracks that you grew up listening to and hear on pop radio stations and see featured at huge festivals is really exciting, and our users love it!”
Multitrack files from Mix The Music are delivered in a secure new .multitrack format. PreSonus’ Studio One® 4 (version 4.1.2 or later) is the first software that supports the new .multitrack format, and Mix The Music offers a free download of Studio One® 4 Prime for users who are new to Studio One.
Once a .multitrack file is downloaded and opened, you have independent access to individual instrument and vocal tracks. Hear how classic recordings were created, check out every nuance of your favorite performer’s techniques, play along with legendary artists using your own custom mix, even record your own parts — all with Mix The Music.
Although the download agreements do not permit you to release your own remixes of Mix The Music multitracks, there are no limits on the amount of fun you can have and what you can learn. Mix The Music multitracks also make great educational tools for music teachers and students.


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