Zeroscillator For Voltage Modular

US Cherry Audio announces MRB's module for through-zero FM synthesis      26/11/19

Zeroscillator For Voltage Modular

MRB has released the Zeroscillator for Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular. This is what they have to say about it…

When Mark Barton (founder of MRB) designed the legendary analog Zeroscillator in 2005, there were people saying that through-zero FM synthesis could only exist in the digital domain because it was too difficult to build it in analog. Well, that’s all he needed to hear. The rest of course is history.

Fast forward to today, the Zeroscillator has come full circle and is back in the digital domain. By copying how the ZO works inside, the Voltage Modular version retains the unique features and analog character of the original. And of course, the polyphonic version is pure “unobtainium” in the analog world. Now you can have it all for a tiny, tiny fraction of the price!  And, you can have as many of them as you want with the click of a button or by a simple drag-n-drop, all at no extra charge!

Pricing and Availability:
The Zeroscillator ($25) and Poly Zeroscillator ($30) are available separately or as a bundle ($35). During Cherry Audio's Black Friday Celebration Sale, NOW through Cyber Monday, you can purchase both modules in the Zeroscillator Bundle for only $25. Check out these audio samples in the Sounds tab. Offer ends Dec 3.

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