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Orba synth, controller, looper and MIDI controller launches on Kickstarter      26/11/19

Artiphon has unveiled Orba, a handheld musical instrument available exclusively on Kickstarter. A spokesperson told us, "Orba is a $99 portable synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately. Its minimalist design resembles a cross between a gaming controller and half an orange, and its feather-touch sensitivity translates gestures from fingers and hands directly into music. Orba introduces a new and fun way to make music anywhere, even if you’ve never played an instrument before."

Artiphon says that you can easily switch between multiple modes (Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead) and use Orba’s integrated looper to create songs in seconds. Eight touchpads with multi-color LEDs detect a variety of gestures like tapping, sliding, and vibrato, and motion sensors let players wave, tilt, and shake for more effects. Orba can be used as a standalone synth with a built-in speaker and connects wirelessly to mobile devices and computers via Bluetooth MIDI.
The Orba companion app lets users customize their instrument with new sounds, tunings, and patterns. Users can also share the music they create straight to social media and export to other music-making apps. Orba works with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android, and is compatible with all major recording software including GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and FL Studio.
About Artiphon
Founded in 2011 and based in Nashville, TN, Artiphon designs smart instruments for the next billion musicians. Artiphon's INSTRUMENT 1 raised over $1 million on Kickstarter and was named a TIME Best Invention of the Year. Artiphon is now introducing Orba, a handheld synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately. For more information on Artiphon's instruments and adaptive software, please visit Connect with Artiphon on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and follow the Artiphon Blog.

Pricing and Availability:
The Orba Kickstarter campaign is now open to backers and runs until January 12th, 2020

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