Mixing Contest - Win LEWITT Microphones

US 5 best mixes of Saint Agnes' Move Like A Ghost from the live multitrack recording win mics      21/11/19

Mixing Contest - Win LEWITT Microphones

LEWITT has teamed up with London-based rock band, Saint Agnes, to give everyone the chance of winning their share of $2,500 worth of new microphones in the LEWITT mixing contest. Contestants can download the live recording multitrack of Move Like A Ghost taken from Saint Agnes’ exclusive set at Metropolis Studios earlier this year and create their own mix of the song. The five best mixes will each win a new LEWITT mic. This is what LEWITT has to say...


To take part in the competition, download the multitrack then mix your version of the song, but remember, do not add any additional samples or instruments to the mix. You can, of course, add reverb, delay, distortion, or whatever your heart desires. Find all the details on the company website.

If you’re new to mixing, you’ll find lots of mixing tips in the How-To-Mix video that comes with the contest. Alex Robinson, a studio engineer from Metropolis Studios, sat down with LEWITT product manager Gabriel Angerstein, to go through all tracks and plugins in detail to show you how Alex produced his mix version of ‘Move Like A Ghost.’

The five best mixes chosen by the jury will each receive a LEWITT microphone. First place will receive an LCT 640 TS plus a voucher for online mastering an individual track by the renowned Metropolis Studios’ Grammy-awarded mastering engineers. The prize for second place is an LCT 540 S true condenser while third place receives an LCT 441 FLEX. The fourth-place prize is an LCT 440 PURE, while fifth place wins and LCT 040 MATCH matched stereo pair.

Move Like A Ghost is the second single released from the four-piece band’s debut LP Welcome To Silvertown. The album version was mixed by guitarist and singer from the band, Jon Tufnell, who will also be part of the jury for the mixing contest. “I know this song so well, having played it many times and mixed it for our album, so I am really excited to hear what people might be able to do with it and see if they can take it to the next level,” says Tufnell.


Pricing and Availability:

The competition runs until December 31st, 2019 with the winner announced on February 14th, 2020.

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