Behringer's Wasp Revealed

US Monophonic synth can be used as a desktop module or integrated into a Eurorack system      21/11/19

Behringer's Wasp Revealed

We'd seen the teaser and knew it was coming but it was retailer Sweetwater that gave the game away by putting the Behringer Wasp Deluxe on their website and available for pre-order. Here's the details from their page:

A faithful reproduction of the cult classic digital-analog hybrid synth, the Behringer Wasp monophonic synth has the bone-rattling lows and searing highs that made its predecessor infamous in esoteric synth circles. True to its name, the Wasp excels at droney, buzzy synth sounds, emanating from its two digital oscillators, distinctive analog VCF with highpass, lowpass, notch, and bandpass modes, noise generator, and a hive full of modulation capabilities. The Wasp can generate three variable oscillator shapes —pulse, ramp, and enhanced mode, with pulse width modulation on OSC1. OSC2 swaps out pulse width control for pitch, so you can dial up warbly, detuned chorus effects, or tune the oscillator to intervals for pseudo-polyphony. A unique LFO with six selectable waveforms and pitch and frequency mod controls and the Wasp's two analog envelope generators open up vast signal manipulation possibilities. Synthesists at Sweetwater are psyched to add this rarified legend to their synth arsenals. Gnarly, aggressive, and completely idiosyncratic, Behringer's Wasp is all the buzz!

The Behringer Wasp can be used as a desktop module or integrated into a Eurorack system, with an 80HP footprint, and integrated it into your MIDI setup via 5-pin DIN or USB-MIDI. Featuring Behringer's Poly Chain capability, the Wasp can be combined with multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony. It also includes an external in, so you can shape and mangle guitars, vocals, drum machines, and more with the Wasp's inimitable filters and modulators.

Behringer Wasp Desktop Synthesizer Features:

  •     Faithful reproduction of a cult classic monophonic synth
  •     Two digital oscillators with three variable waveshapes — pulse, ramp, and enhanced mode
  •     Pulse width modulation on OSC1
  •     Variable pitch control on OSC2
  •     Analog VCF with highpass, lowpass, notch, and bandpass modes and sweepable resonance
  •     LFO with six selectable waveforms pitch and frequency mod controls
  •     Two analog envelope generators with attack, decay, and sustain level controls
  •     Eurorack compatible with an 80HP footprint
  •     Combine with multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony with Poly Chain
  •     USB-MIDI plus 5-pin DIN In and Thru
  •     Glide (portamento)
  •     External audio input
  •     Low-output and high-output 1/4" outs
  •     Behringer's 3-year warranty


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