24 Note Polyphonic Resonator Synthesizer

Gotharman introduces Zybraz      12/11/19

24 Note Polyphonic Resonator Synthesizer

Gotharman has announced a new 24 note polyphonic resonator synthesizer - Zybraz. It's available initially for pre-order with a 10% discount. Here's the details direct from Gotharman...

It has 2 parts (upper and lower with keyboard split point).

The oscillators are derived from LD3, and a couple of new parameters were added to the resonator part: Character and Brightness.
The oscillator waveform morphs from sine wave to triangle wave to saw wave, to square wave to feed wave. PW works on all waveforms. These waves can go through a resonator, where the number of resonances, that are fed back inside the oscillator can be adjusted, plus resonator character and brightness.

A noise generator are also available. The noise generator will also go through the Resonator, when this is on.

8 filter types can be selected for each part. All of these are derived from LD3.

8 effect types can be selected for each part. 7 effects derived from LD3, and one new: Bass Enhancer.
Types: Delay, Roto Delay, Bass Enhancer, Variator, BitCrush, Distortion, Resonator 1, Resonator 2.

Each part has 2 Envelopes, 1 ADSR, 1 decay. The ADSR envelope alway controls the output VCA, but it can control other parameters at the same time.

Each part has 2 LFO's. One for the filter and LFO1, one for the rest of the parameters.

All parameters, except for volume, portamento and EFX output level, can be modulated by up to 4 sources at the same time (LFO, ENV1, ENV2, velocity, Random).

Most parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC's. All parameters can be controlled by NRPN's. MIDI CC's are transmitted, when editing parameters. NRPN's are transmitted, when using the "Send Preset" and "Send All Presets" functions.

Pitch Bend range can be set separately for each part.

MIDI Hold Pedal are received.

63 re-writable presets. Preset 64 (preset 8, bank 8) are always an initialized preset, to give you a neutral startpoint, when creating new sounds. This can't be written.

Before a preset is stored, Zybraz lets you audition the destination preset location, to avoid overwriting a great preset.

IT'S SOLID! Made only by high quality parts, like an all metal case, metal potentiometers, push buttons made in Denmark by MultiMec and Cirrus Logic converters.



Pricing and Availability:
Pre-ordering price is EUR 539. Final price will be EUR 599.

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