Sonic LAB: Ladies and Gents - The Moog ONE

What do you want to see?      08/11/19
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This one took a couple of people to get into the Sonic LAB, its massive! Unless you've no interest in synthesizers (in which case why are you reading this!?), you will be aware of the Moog flagship analog poly synth, several years in the making, its designed to be the pinnacle of analog polyness.

In this two-parter (at least), I am going to explore the ONE driven by your comments, so please to ask away...

Available in 8 voice and 16 voice versions the Moog ONE has a three layer engine meaning you can run a three part multi-timbral, split or layered setup.

Build - oh my, its a lovely thing, no expense spared, large control panel - weirdly reminiscent of the Sledge  - but only in terms of spacing. Solid construction ash wood trim, high quality knobs and switches, crisp display, lovely action aftertouch 5 octave keyboard, solid metal pitch and mod wheels - its a beautiful thing.

With three analog oscillators per voice,  each has a Triangle and Saw tooth mode with variable shape and also a Square wave with Width. Dual filters - classic ladder with 4-pole through 1 pole, plus a tasty State Variable filter, multi-mode  - series or parallel - no multi-drive drive though. There's also a highly flexible noise generator with A/R envelope and a ring modulator.

Mod sources (per voice) 4 LFOs, 3 ADSRs

Effects: One per synth part and one global effect - with algorithms from Eventide for some classy sounds.

Vocoder - 10 Band with dedicated mic input

I must confess its a beautiful object and one that does carry a heft price tag, no matter what you consider in terms of value for money - after all its a LOT of synthesizer. 

I'm happy to have been able to look at this machine and hope that I can encourage you to ask questions below, there will be another video in which I can explore the areas you want me to.

Moog ONE 8 voice £5,750 (ish)
Moog ONE 16 voice £7,750 (ish)


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