Behringer Drop The TD-3 And It's A Ringer For The 303

US And its very affordable      08/11/19

Behringer Drop The TD-3 And It's A Ringer For The 303

Behringer have officially announced that they are going into production of their TD-3 Analog Bassline Synthesizer, essentially their take on the classic and highly prized (still going for $$$ 2nd hand).

Behringer say that its an "Authentic reproduction of the original circuitry with matched transistors"  but with additional features, such as MIDI and USB, Distortion Circuit, Arpeggiator and more interestingly a 16 step 7 track sequencer with 250 patterns - presumably for parameter automation, 16 voice poly chain - yes you can create a 16 voice poly 303 should you wish.

Behringer TD-3

Cosmetically there are differences, the knob layout and position is different, there's also some mini-jack patch points - Filter input, sync in, CV out and Gate out.

Its set to be available this quarter and the price initially expected to be €149. 3 year warranty as well.

Earlier this year Roland  trademarked the TB-303 design in Germany and applied in the US, so we wonder what they will make of this. 



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