Today's Behringer Video Is Brought To You By The Letter G

WING - a new mixer?      31/10/19

Behringers "30 years in the Making" Campaign added another video and letter today, and this one seems to indicate we're getting a new mixer. Could this be something to supersede the X32? One thing for sure, its got a lot of GUI or touchscreen - unless thats an iPad editor we're seeing.

Things we saw in the video:
40 Channels, 16 Busses, 8 Aux sends, 8 Matrix, Recorder, 3x AES 50 connections, AES In, DANTE, USB Audio which seem to indicate multiple card interfaces (the X32 only has one slot)

The X32 and the XR series certainly were pretty good offerings, incorporating the (at the time) recently acquired MIDAS designed preamps, and buckets of DSP (these same FX ended up in the Deep Mind 12).

So by the looks of it, its a new desk, or a new mixer with remote editor, or a new range - probably.
We think the 30 years is an indication of Behringer's  impending 30th Anniversary, rather than this particular product being in development literally 30 years.

But we must be getting close now we know the actual name of this product.

Best place to keep up with the teasers is Behringer's Youtube channel



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