Podcast: Sonic TALK 595 - AAARRRGGGHHH!

US Halloween, Blackhole, Control Room VR, SB01, Reminder FX      31/10/19

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64:19 mins


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Freeze Machines from Sonicstate00:00:00 Matt's move
00:05:00 Rich and Dolly Parton
00:10:43 Blackhole OSX inter app audio connection
00:19:00 Scary synth sounds Clark (spotify link)
00:26:46 Softube Monoment Bass
00:27:46 Persp3ctive Control Room VR
00:39:45 iZotope Ozone 9 competition
00:42:30 SB01 101 clone
00:52:00 Reminder performance FX
01:00:35 Goodbyes

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