Modern Brush Drums For Kontakt Player

US Soniccouture releases Moonkits virtual drum instrument      31/10/19

Soniccouture tells us that Moonkits is a journey to the softer side of the drum-kit. They say that, recorded at Konk Studios, London, It is a quirky collection of kits played with brushes, rods, mallets and occasionally, sticks.

A spokesperson told us, “Featuring real brush sweep performances that integrate with the preset grooves in the three custom Beat Tools, it’s a very expressive, organic sounding instrument.”

To show off what Moonkits can do, Soniccouture have made a free set of 20 loops, exported directly from the Kontakt instrument, showcasing the patterns and sounds it generates.


• Up to 116 Velocity Layers With Anti-Repeat & randomise function
• Brushes, Rods, Mallets, Stick articulations
• Real Brush Sweep Performance Loops
• 3 Beat Tools Pattern Sequencers
• 12GB Library | Kontakt Player 6 + NKS Compatible

Pricing and Availability:
€149 / $149 (Until 15th Nov 2019 you can get 30% off Moonkits)

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