More New Modules For Voltage Modular

US Cherry Audio announces new modules from Vult, Ben Davis, and M*4      21/10/19

More New Modules For Voltage Modular

Cherry Audio has announced the release of more new modules for Voltage Modular from Vult, Ben Davis, and M*4. Here’s the details direct from Cherry Audio…

Vult has expanded their already-powerful lineup to include 4 phenomenal new modules. These modules are sold individually or as part of Vult's bundle lineup. Best of all, current owners of the Vult Fury Bundle ($80) and Vult Rage Bundle ($80) have already received these new modules!

Added to Vult Fury Bundle:

  • Trummor2 ($10) - A powerhouse of drum sounds. FM drums, metalic claps, analog-style kicks, all sorts of resonated karplus-strong style strings, blips and blops.
  • Quincunx ($10) - Based on the machine with the same name, also known as “bean machine” or “Galton board”. Quincunx simulates this machine but adds some special features that make it more usable to generate voltages and pulses.
  • Dopamine ($10) - Layers of virtual neurons will try to store CV and Gate information and they will recall it as best as they can. The neurons can be trained by rating when we Love or Hate a sequence.

Added to Vult Rage Bundle:

  • Decline ($10) - Equalizer line that can be used to shape the final tone of your sound. It consists of two peak filters, one low shelf, and one high shelf filters.


Ben Davis has released his new Sequencer Bundle ($25), which includes four new modules ideal for creating complex sequences:

  • Preset Voltage ($12) - Save up to 16 snapshots of 16 voltages or attenuation levels. Select saved presets with buttons or gate inputs.
  • Quantizer ($10) - Uses a proprietary signal that allows you to mult the same scale settings to multiple sequencer modules at once.
  • RSG ($10) - Creates repeating random sequences with control over number of steps, repetitions, minimum and maximum voltage
  • Ranger ($12) - 8 step sequencer that allows each step to be randomized between min and max values.

Also new from Ben Davis:

  • MCLK ($11) - Master clock module allows for 6 clock outputs based on the master tempo.
  • Chorus/Flanger ($12) - Chorus and flange effects as well as tuned delays. Turn the offset to the maximum for a tuned v/oct delay line.
  • Xandor ($10) - Up to 8 signals can be combined in different ways using XOR, AND, and OR logic.
  • Dad ($10) - Envelope generator with Delay, Attack and Decay stages. The Attack and Decay stages have adjustable curve from linear to exponential.
  • Recur ($12) - A unique looper that allows for interesting polyrhythms as well as normal looping duties.


All these modules are also available in Ben Davis's Complete Bundle, currently on sale for $52.

M*4's new Enveloper Bundle ($15) contains 3 clever envelope generator modules, each with scalable output from 1 volt to 10 volts.

  • AD Envelope Generator - A repeatable Attack-Decay envelope generator with EOD gate output.
  • ADSR Envelope Generator - An Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelope generator with Re-trigger input and EOD gate output.
  • AR Envelope Generator - An Attack-Release envelope generator with Re-trigger input and EOA gate output.


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