iPad Reason Control Surface Updated

Delora rsTouch Pro app now supports Reason 11      18/10/19

iPad Reason Control Surface Updated

Harmony Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of Delora rsTouch Pro 2.9.7, an upgrade to their iPad application that provides control surface functionality for the Reason Studios Reason music application on a Mac or PC.  

rsTouch Pro 2.9.7 provides support for Reason 11, as well as iPadOS 13.1.  It adds device support for 5 new built-in devices in Reason 11: Channel Dynamics, Channel EQ, Master Bus Compressor, Quartet and Sweeper.  It also adds support for 6 recent Reason Studios devices, players and Rack Extensions: Monotone, PolyStep Sequencer, Processed Pianos, Reason Drum Kits, Rytmik and Scenic Hybrid. With these eleven additions, rsTouch provides control from the iPad for 177 total devices, RE's, and VST's.

rsTouch Pro also offers full control of Reason’s Mixer and transport functions. A dedicated Master screen allows full adjustments of Reason's Main Mixer Master section. Perform mode offers keyboard, drum pad and grid options for playing Reason synth and drum machines. Perform mode also includes 34 freely assignable faders, rotaries, and buttons that can be used to provide additional customized hands-on control for live performance or in the studio. 

Pricing and Availability:

rsTouch Pro 2.9.7 is available for $24.99 (USD) on the iOS App Store in the U.S., and is a free upgrade for current rsTouch users.

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