Friday Fun: Synth Jam From Yamaha's Studios

Reface CS and CP      18/10/19

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We were in Japan, so why not? In this off-site Friday Fun we come to you from the bespoke studios at the new buildings at Yamaha's HQ in Hamamatsu. 

We had the room to ourselves while the streaming for the Yamaha 45 years of synth event was being set up. We grabbed the Yamaha Reface CS - a virtual analog with an impressive sound (see our original review), and the Reface CP - whose sounds are of the electro mechanical variety, but have a decent effects section and so can take you pretty far away from just a bunch of electric piano sounds.

Nick was using the sequencer in the CS for the main riff, with a touch of reverb from the Yamaha desk, recorded direct.


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