Drum Synth Features Four Billion Sounds

Fractal Bits for iOS and Android uses fractal algorithms for sound creation      16/10/19

Alexander Zolotov has released Fractal Bits for iOS and Android. Fractal Bits is a drum synth with over four billion unique sounds created by fractal algorithms. Each set of 12 drums corresponds to a code of 8 characters (you can save/copy/paste it as plain text).

Key features:

  • Three types of keyboards for live drumming: on-screen buttons, PC keyboard, MIDI input.
  • Real-time audio recording to WAV (32-bit)
  • Export to: WAV (one file or a set), #SunVox (samples + effects in one file), text clipboard
  • iOS: Audio Unit Extension (#AUv3), #Audiobus, Wi-Fi export/import.


Pricing and Availability:
iOS: $1.99
Android: £1.89

More information:



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