Synthfest 2019: Korg Nutekt Secret Weapon Revealed

Luke shows us the force of the NTS-1      07/10/19

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Korg's little Nutekt digital synth should be with us soon, featuring the digital parts of the Minilogue XD - the digital oscillator which allows us to load 3rd party models into it. Very much following in the footsteps of the Monotron in shape and size. 

But the real secret weapon Nutekt has is that is also features the triple engine FX also found on the Minilogue XD, the lush reverbs , wild modulations and stereo delays. OUr review found these to be a really great addition to the sounds available.

Luke from Korg shows us that we can just run the Nutekt as a send FX should we wish, making for a powerful FX processor for external signal.

Nutket is expected to become available in November this year priced at £99


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