Touch For Virus Updated

US iPad librarian for the Virus TI synth gets new features      02/10/19

Touch For Virus Updated

The Touch For Virus app has been updated to version 1.5 adding social patching for Virus TI. Here’s the statement from developer Maarten Lierop...

Since the introduction of Touch for Virus in the app store last year users have been very happy with it. This synth still seems to have an enthusiast users base! Based on user requests I have added some interesting new features in the latest version:

Patch dumps from Virus
The app can now handle patch dumps from Virus TI thanks to  Audiokit (used for handling the MIDI work). This enables users to  “downloads” patches stored on the synth to be further edited using the app.

Virus Cloud
Some patches are too good to keep for yourself. So sharing is made easy with “Virus Cloud”. This means 'social' patching powered by an open cloud based patch library.

Improved Library
It also has an improved patch library. People can now add notes to their patches, which could help to describe, for example, how a patch was meant to be used.
It also let’s you group patches in ‘collections’. The collections overview shows how many patches are inside each collection, and they can be filtered by category.
The new library shows all information about the currently loaded patch, and has a large audit keyboard.

Also added since the last post on Synthtopia: Arpeggiator pattern designer. support for editing patches in multi mode and lot’s of smaller improvements.

Pricing and Availability:

Touch For Virus is $13.99 at the App Store.

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