OB6 Sampled

OB6 Pads&Keys offers 50 Instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic and 24bit WAV      20/09/19

thirdmanonthemoon has released OB6 Pads&Keys multisampled Instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic and 24Bit Wav. They tell us that the samples are recorded in a high end studio to the best of their abilities with ice Di`s, Preamps, Eq`s, Manley Vari-mu, Culture Vulture, Apogee Symphony Converters etc. Here's the details in their own words...

The OB6 is a very special and unique sounding analogue synthesizer.

With its 12dB state variable filter it is especially well suited for pads and keys. Since the filter is sweepable between low-pass and high-pass, blending in just a tad of high-pass can give you that nice fairy dust pads. Yummie!

To make a great synth special we have recorded the left and right channels separately and detuned them slightly for truly wide stereo sounds on 31 of the 50 patches . (Add a touch of reverb and/or delay and you’ll be floating in space!)

For the recording process we’ve utilized a chain consisting of hi-end solid state and tube Gear. Going thru a passive DI (Jensen Transformers), VP28 Preamp, BT50 EQ, Manley Variable Mu Compressor, Culture Vulture Tube Saturator and finally recorded into our Apogee Symphony MK2 Converter. No digital processing whatsoever as with all of our samples.

Resulting in a big and wide stereo spread and warm tone.

The focus of this pack is Pads and Keys but you’ll find Strings, Leads and Basses as well to round things off.


  • 50 Instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic + 24bit WAV
  • Big and wide Stereo Pads & Keys, Classic Synth Sounds, Basses, Leads and more
  • Expertly recorded through High-end Solid State and Tube gear
  • Multi-Sampled every Key from C0 to C6
  • Hand looped and trimmed
  • 5913 x 24bit WAV files
  • 3.5 GB Unzipped per Format

Pricing and Availability:

€29. A free version is also available.

More information:





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