Podcast: Sonic TALK 590 - Talkbox Dribble Pipe

US Roland MC101, MMRC, Yamaha Synths      18/09/19

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54:59 mins


iZotope Neutron 3WIN iZOTOPE NEUTRON 3 (advanced) - Tweet #smartermixing #neutron3 to @sonicstate @iZotopeinc From the makers of Ozone and RX, Neutron 3 will bring your mixes into the 21st century with new assistive audio technology, fluid interactive visuals, and faster performance.




And thanks to Softube - Monoment Bass:

Super-high-quality bass synth with 100 different stereo waveforms, each sample three times from boutique high-end synths
Top-notch synth architecture that’s both versatile and easy to use
Professional presets from Madison Mars, Vandalism, Sample Tools by Cr2, WA production, Black Octopus, and Function Loops
Fills a soundstage with domineering weight and power, yet easy to mix thanks to dedicated effects
2 types of distortion / 5 types of stereo reverb / Multiband Compression / Spatialization / EQ (including 24 dB low cut)


Please check out our new Freeze Machines Racks for Ableton Live - lush, atmospheric frozen reverb textures:

Freeze Machines from Sonicstatehttps://sonicstate.com/shop/fm

Where to Watch/Listen - We now stream the live show to Youtube LiveFacebook Live as well as at Sonicstate.com/live every Weds at 4pm UK time- please do join in. You can also download the audio version from iTunes


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