Plug-In Promises Total Audio Destruction

Tactical Nuke - designed to creatively explore what happens when you mangle audio      17/09/19

3 Sigma Audio tells us that, inspired by hybrid analog/digital wavetable distortion devices, Tactical Nuke was created as a way to creatively explore what happens when you mangle audio.  A spokesperson told us, "From more gentle analog style distortion, to absolute digital destruction, Tactical Nuke allows you to turn any signal into something new and unique. With 512 built-in wavetables, and the ability to import your own, the possibilities are limitless."

3 Sigma Studio has listed the following Tactical Nuke features:

  •     Preamp Distortion – Warm, analog style distortion that can range from subtle warmth to extreme guitar pedal distortion.
  •     Tone – By-passable tone control to adjust the frequency characteristics of your signal. This is located before the preamp distortion to give you the most tonal flexibility.
  •     Sample Reduction – Lowers the sampling rate of your incoming signal to create insane aliasing and artifacts.
  •     Oversampling  – With insane distortion comes insane aliasing. Oversampling allows you to keep your processing free from aliasing.
  •     Wavetable Distortion – The centerpiece of Tactical Nuke; wavetable distortion uses a small clip of audio, a “wavetable”, as a waveshaper for your audio. Tactical Nuke comes with 512 tables, up to two of which can be selected and blended between. You can also import your own wavetables for endless variety.
  •     Bit Manipulation – Tactical Nuke comes with 3 ways to manipulate the digital amplitude of your signals:
    •         Bit Crushing – Lowers the bit depth of the signal anywhere from 16 bits to a single bit.
    •         Masking Knob – Does a bit mask of your signal with a given integer based on the number of bits the knob is set to.
    •         Bit Buttons – The same as bit masking with a knob, except you have full control over each bit to experiment with.
  •     Output Filter – Since extreme distortion can cause some unpleasant harshness, this two pole, slightly resonant output filter is there to tame high frequencies to desirable levels.
  •     Multi-Resolution UI – Tactical Nuke’s UI is automatically adjusted to suit your display resolution.  All modern resolutions are supported from 1080p to 4k.


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