Easier Operation Of Your DSI Evolver

Oversynth.com releases a new live-performance oriented overlay for the desktop synth      11/09/19

Oversynth.com has released a new live-performance oriented overlay for the now discontinued Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) Evolver desktop synthesizer. Here’s the story in their own words…

The Evolver has been somewhat of a cult classic since it's introduction in 2002 due to the depth of its architecture and the broad range of timbres it is capable of producing.  It’s sound engine includes two analog and two digital oscillators with various waveforms, oscillator sync, FM, AM, ring mod, two stereo filters, three envelopes, four LFOs, tuned feedback and delay effects capable of Karplus-Strong physical modeling, bit-depth reduction, distortion, and a four-track step sequencer.

Every one of the Evolver’s numerous parameters can be edited from it’s front panel, using eight knobs and a handful of selection buttons.  The user interface may seem sparse at first but it’s actually brilliantly designed and surprisingly fast to navigate… provided you know how to use it.  That is where this new overlay comes in!

The oversynth.com overlay for the Evolver desktop is like a topographical map that guides you through a wilderness of parameters, making it just as easy to perform quick edits as deep sound design in realtime during a musical performance.  It's high-contrast design uses large fonts and distinctive color-coding to group all parameters according to recognizable synthesizer functions:  Oscillator parameters are blue, filter parameters are red, LFO parameters are yellow, etc.  The waterproof overlay is printed on a durable synthetic polymer material with a matte finish to minimize glare from overhead lights.

Installation of the overlay takes about 1-min.  Simply remove the eight front panel knobs, peel off the removable-adhesive backing from the four corners on the reverse side of the overlay, place the overlay over the Evolver’s front panel, and put the knobs back on.  The adhesive provided is low-tack so the overlay can easily be removed if desired.

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