Effects Rack For iPad

Gospel Musicians releases iFX Rack      09/09/19

Effects Rack For iPad

Gospel Musicians says that iFX Rack is an analog modeled virtual effects rack for your iPad Device. A spokesperson told us, “In partnership with Overloud, we have licensed the, ever so popular VKFX effects suite, which is included in the initial sale price of $4.99. The VKFX suite is a meticulously modeled vintage analog effect processor, which aims to recreate classic vintage hardware using actual analog circuit modeling. It has been the most beloved effects suite ever created for the desktop and our iFX Rack is providing the same exact effects to you along with a recreation of the original factory presets.”


  • IAA.
  • AUv3.
  • 93 Factory Presets from VKFX Library Ported Over.
  • MIDI Learnable Automation.
  • Modulation FX Syncable.
  • Dynamically Drag-able FX Chain Slot Assignment.
  • Highly CPU Efficient coding.
  • Flexible Preset Management with Favorite Options.


Pricing and Availability:
iFX Rack is on sale for $4.99. until September 20th, 2019. After September 20th, the price will resume to $9.99.

Extra effects are available via in-app purchase.

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