Compact Library For String Arrangements

US Best Service releases Chris Hein – Strings Compact      30/08/19

Compact Library For String Arrangements

Best Service says that whenever sophisticated string instruments and uncompromising sound quality are needed, Chris Hein – Strings Compact is the exact right choice. They say that this new library offers high quality solo instruments and ensembles with all essential articulations to realize authentic sounding string arrangements in your DAW efficiently.

Chris Hein - Strings Compact is the compacted version of the Chris Hein - Solo Strings Complete and Chris Hein – Ensemble Strings libraries. It contains all instruments and functions of its larger siblings and is solely reduced to the nine most common and important articulations.

A spokesperson told us, “This compact version uses the very same high-quality samples as the complete versions, so offers the full sound of the large Chris Hein String Libraries at an unbeatable price.In addition, you may of course upgrade to Chris Hein - Ensemble Strings or Chris Hein - Solo Strings Complete with up to 49 articulations at any time.”

Pricing and Availability:
 MSRP € 199     $ 199     £ 179

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