TC Electronic Introduces New Reverb Pedal

US Hall of Fame 2 X4 features 4 pressure-sensitive footswitches      27/08/19

TC Electronic has announced the  Hall of Fame 2 X4 reverb pedal which they say expands their previous pedal with 4 MASH Switches, Shimmer Reverb and 8 Reverb Presets. Here's the details in their own words...

X4 on the floor
With 4 preset footswitches on board, painting different soundscapes gets a lot easier and can be done mid-song for some serious tonal texture work.

The preset bank lets you load the footswitches with 4 fresh reverb presets in a split-second for a total of 8 presets on hand.

Heavyweight champion of ambience
Aside from the 12 studio-grade algorithms available, we've also expanded Hall of Fame 2 X4's TonePrint capacity if you like having a range of personalized reverbs ready for the gig.

Hall of Fame 2 X4 comes packing a total of 6 TonePrint slots, letting you prepare a plethora of unique TonePrints created by you or one of our world-class TonePrint artists.

Expression expanded
Naturally, all of the footswitches on Hall of Fame 2 X4 feature our pressure-sensitive MASH footswitches.  

This award-winning technology lets you use reverb much more actively instead of just as an always-on effect.

Each MASH switch can control up to 3 different parameters at once and using the TonePrint app you decide whiche parameters you want.

Dip of the switch
Hall of Fame 2 X4 lets you choose between a clean cut, high-precision reverb pedal or an organic ambience machine pedal that spills reverb trails across presets like a generous bartender.

With a handy selectable buffer circuit and Kill-Dry mode accessible from the front, you can easily audition the Hall of Fame 2 X4 in True Bypass or Buffered mode.


  • 4 Preset Footswitches with MASH
  • True Spillover between presets
  • 6 TonePrints slots
  • Preset Bank stores up to 8 presets
  • Dedicated Pre-delay knob
  • 16 studio-quality reverb algorithms
  • Comprehensive MIDI support


Pricing and Availability:
249.99 MAP

More information:


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