1980 Stereo Analogue Delay Revisited

Plugin Alliance releases ADA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay      25/07/19

Plugin Alliance has released an emulation of a rare analog delay from 1980. They tell us that the ADA STD-1 features an array of six bucket-brigade delays with flexible panning, modulation and LFO controls and is loved for its ability to transform and widen guitars, vocals, drums and much more. Here's more details in their own words...

Delays For Days

A hallmark staple in countless guitarist’s toolkits, the A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay is now available in all major native formats. Featuring a great selection of six delays, versatile LFO and modulation controls and the incredibly useful flexible panning, this is the delay to use when it comes to getting a richer guitar sound or adding life to vocals and much more! Emulated by Brainworx from the legendary rack hardware unit, the digital version of the A/DA STD-1 is a meticulously crafted recreation that can tackle all of your ultra-short delay needs. The A/DA STD-1 is a tapped delay, meaning that it has multiple delay outputs at enharmonic taps in the MN3011 bucket brigade delay (BBD). It was originally designed for multi-voiced modulated delays (chorus, flange), doubling, ambience effects, and crude reverb.

Dive Inside

One of the cool features is the bucket-brigade delay circuit that provides a unique way to add extra width and rich depth to your tracks, no matter what they may be. It’s all too easy to create lush soundscapes in your mixes or dial in unique spatial effects if that is what you are after. In case you are looking for more polished vocal tracks, the A/DA STD-1 offers tunable doubling and sweet chorusing. Take your vocal tracks to the finish line and upgrade your flat mono tracks to wide stereo sounds. This is what the STD-1 bucket-brigade delay circuit was made for!

Maximum Versatility

Now you can easily set the delay time and each additional tap will be adjusted to an offsetting value. This is an excellent way to create echoes and short reverb tones with rhythmically overlapping taps. Looking to define the stereo field over time? Route each tap independently to the left or right channels or go for further timbral enhancement by using feedback with a handy Regeneration section. And while it will work great on whatever you decide to use it on, the one special instrument which the A/DA STD-1 shines on is guitar. You can create a really gorgeous sound by tweaking the onboard analog delay and modulation tones. Everyone from Jimmie Vaughan, Kirk Hammett, Bill Connors to jazz fusion visionary Allan Hodsworth used the original A/DA STD-1 to handle their delay tasks and shape the detail in their sound.

On top of the luxurious delay possibilities, the A/DA STD-1 further pushes the envelope even further with the dual LFO circuit that offers an adjustable sweep rate. Here you can get creative and easily modulate the wet signal and arrive at some interesting opportunities for layering sounds and adding natural space in your mix.


  • Six variable delay taps, each with independent stereo assignment
  • Flexible feedback module produces ‘Regeneration’ from one of three taps
  • Powerful Delay section with internal modulation controls and precise mix parameters
  • Independent Dry/Wet mix control for each stereo output
  • Internal soft peak limiter option for feedback module (not on original hardware)
  • Simulated noise floor control allows full hardware artifact or completely clean sound


Pricing and Availability:
Intro Price $149 (List Price $199)
Included in the MEGA Bundle Subscription

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