New Noise Engineering Pitch Modules

Quantus Pax, Quant Gemi and Vox Digitalis are available now      25/07/19

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Noise Engineering tells us that three new modules - Quantus Pax, Quant Gemi and Vox Digitalis - are available now. Here’s the story in their own words…

We here at Noise Engineering have a pretty big line up of modules, from oscillators, to distortions (more coming…), to rhythmic utilities...and lots more. People often associate us with techno and percussion. But it turns out we like melodies too. A lot. We even like traditional, triad-based stuff (and not just the really nerdy Tonnetz-y stuff!). It’s with this interest in mind that we’re really happy to introduce you to three new modules we’ve been working on for a while that we love for pitch sequencing and utility. Meet Vox Digitalis, Quantus Pax, and Quant Gemi.

Quantus Pax is a 6hp four-channel precision adder. Each channel has two inputs, and the upper inputs are circularly normalled so you can use it as a buffered mult and modify the same sequence multiple different ways! Patch in to the inputs to break the normal and you've got four separate channels again. In addition to the two inputs on each channel, there are three "xpose" inputs which transpose all channels simultaneously. Great if you want to sequence a key change, add vibrato to a chord... you get the idea.

Quant Gemi is a 4hp four-channel octave switch and buffered mult. Each channel can transpose a sequence up 0, 1, or 2 octaves with the flick of a switch. Again, the inputs are circularly normalled so you can use it as a buffered mult and transpose the same sequence up to four times -- or again, patch to an input to break the normal and you have four separate channels, or two and two, or whatever you want.

Small, easy-to-program sequencers are a bit of a rarity. Vox Digitalis is our answer to this issue. With intuitive displays and simple controls, VD is perfect for all your pitch CV needs. Set your sequence length, dial in each note, randomize, save and load 16 sequences -- VD does all the stuff the big sequencers do, just in 4hp.


Pricing and Availability:

Quant Gemi: $155
Quantum Pax: $225
Vox Digitalis: $155

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