Precise Sidechainer

Laser draws reduction envelopes for transient signals, but also recognizes continuous signals      15/07/19

Sweetsonics has released Laser, described as a precise sidechainer. It was designed as a transparent sidechain effect that follows a kick drum envelope precisely. This is what they have to say about it…

Laser draws reduction envelopes for transient signals, but it also recognizes continuous signals. One-click action gives a good starting preset in few seconds that can be tweaked easily afterwards. The algorithm is especially designed to recognize the transient signals.

Transient and continuous detection modes work for different applications. The transient mode provides extremely fast and precise envelopes for reduction and boosting! It works perfectly with drum and percussion material.

The offset control moves reduction and boost envelopes in the time domain. It can be used both ways – as pre-open (-) or as delay (+). Look-forward and latency is added automatically.

Laser has unique filter design combining several filters to work smoothly and musically.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at 59,00 €

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