Multifaceted Clipping Tool

Clipped-MAX features 4 distinct clipping modules      15/07/19

Multifaceted Clipping Tool

LVC Audio says that Clipped-MAX is a new and updated version of their ClipShifter. They describe Clipped-MAX as a multifaced clipping tool designed for a wide range of mixing and mastering applications – from subtle to extreme.  Here's more details in their own words...

Clipped-Max includes 4 distinct clipping modules that can be rearranged to produce a variety of effects.  Built into Clipped-MAX is minimal and linear phase oversampling that extends to 128x.

The modules for Clipped-MAX include SHIFTER, STEREO, M-BAND, and MASTER.  The SHIFTER module is based on Clipped-MAX’s predecessor, ClipShifter.  The clipping threshold can be dynamically altered based on the incoming signal.  The STEREO module splits the incoming signal into mid and side channels, and each channel has separate clipping controls before being combined into left and right output signals.

The M-BAND module splits the signal into 2 to 6 different EQ bands for separate clipping.  Each band’s clipping amount and clipping algorithm is separate and configurable.  The MASTER module includes eleven different clipping algorithms, including an intersample peak option for monitoring and stopping intersample peaks.


  • Resizable interface with changeable colors
  • Output metering - true peak and EBU options
  • AutoGain control for comparing processed and unprocessed sounds objectively
  • Minimum and Linear phase oversampling - up to 128x
  • Standard LVC-Audio features such as VU, peak, and RMS metering, FFT spectrum analyzer, stereo vectorscope, and Mix control

Pricing and Availability:
Free automatic update for all existing ClipShifter users.

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