FM Electric Piano Collection For iOS

Gospel Musicians FM TiNES is an iPad version of their Desktop original      09/07/19

FM Electric Piano Collection For iOS

Gospel Musicians has introduced FM TiNES for the iPad. They tells that FM TiNES is an iPad version of their original Desktop version but does not have the same exact sounds as the desktop. A spokesperson told us, “We picked the best sounds from the desktop to incorporate into the iOS version.”  


  • 109 Presets
  • 105 Sounds
  • 4371 Samples
  • 5.2GB Samples (3.2GB Lossless)
  • Stereo Detuning Mode to Thicken Sounds
  • 20 High Quality Digital Effects, including the FULL VKFX Suite from Overloud™
  • Series and Parallel Effects Routing Options
  • Random Preset Generator
  • Color modulator to change tone/character per velocity
  • Ability to stack up to 4-sounds
  • Additional Sound Elements: Strings, Pads, Choris, and Bells


    iOS Features:

  • iOS 11+
  • AUv3 Full View Support
  • AUv3 Scrolling
  • Supports Scrolling to see all parameters
  • IAA
  • Background Audio
  • Virtual MIDI
  • Separate MIDI Channel Selections
  • Virtual Keyboard Sends MIDI
  • MIDI Learn any parameter



  • Flexible Preset System with Fast search, loading, and saving
  • Favorites option for sounds and presets
  • Lightning fast sample streaming engine
  • Warm analog rich simple-set ran through analog gear
  • Easy modulation system - Tap+Hold to assign modulation to virtually any source
  • A VA circuit modeled State Variable Filter, giving a warm analog sound.
  • Ability to select edit multiple oscillators
  • Dynamically and Graphically position FX signal flow in virtual racks.
  • Separate Oscillator FX sends for Reverb and Insert FX.
  • Featuring Overloud's VKFX Suite.
  • Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb.
  • Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb.
  • Soft Master Limiter with Tube Saturation.
  • Two Stereo Widener Options
  • Custom Impulse Responses taken from high quality reverbs

Pricing and Availability:

FM TiNES is on sale for $6.99 until July 20th, 2019. The regular price is $14.99.

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