Valves - Tube Overdrive Emulated

AudioThing's vintage valve emulation features multimode resonant filter and cabinet/EQ section      05/07/19

AudioThing tells us that Valves is a vintage valve emulation plugin with multimode resonant filter and cabinet/EQ section.

  • The valve section is modelled after classic vintage tubes, with added grit and custom gain control.
  • The filter section is modelled after a classic ladder filter (2-pole or 4-pole) with low pass, high pass, bandpass and notch modes.
  • The cabinet/EQ section features a selection of modelled cabinets with classic bass and treble EQ controls.


Pricing and Availability:
On offer at € 29 (Regular price: € 59)
Valves is free for previous Valve Filter/Valve Exciter owners.

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