Sonic Lab Presentation: Presonus Studio One 4.5

We check out the latest update      05/07/19
    MP4 25:27 mins    

Presonus Studio One DAW is the new kid on the block in DAW terms and as such seems to have created quite a niche for itself since it was introduced. New concepts in workflow and its ability to create simple ways of doing complex jobs has resonated with users. Many Pro Tools users seem to have gravitated towards it since its launch in 2009.

The latest update to version 4.5 adds bunch of new features (they say 70+) and an increase in CPU efficiency due to use of threading.

We had a visit from Lee Boylan who gave Gaz a tour  - Gaz has been using Studio One as part of his mastering workflow for quite some time.

The 4.5 upgrade is free to 4.0 users and comes in three versions to buy:

Studio One Prime  - Free
Studio One Artist  £85.20
Studio One Professional £344

For a detailed comparison  click here



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