Vector Synth Launches This Week

Digital polyphonic hardware synth combines elements from several synthesis methods      27/06/19

We brought you initial news of this in a sneak peak video last September but now Vector has announced that the first batch of synths is ready for production and reservations for it are set to open on the 29th of June. This is what they have to say...

Vector is a digital polyphonic hardware synthesizer that combines elements from several synthesis methods into a very special expressive blend. Its 7” capacitive touchscreen and an array of encoders and toggle switches make morphing between additive, subtractive and FM timbres an engaging and sometimes wonderfully unpredictable experience.

Vector has a tightly integrated set of internal effects, some of which also affect the way the harmonics are constructed and an extensive arpeggiator with several randomization functions, step recording and sequencing.

Future development and updates will be made possible with software updates through a USB stick or an ethernet connection, based on the feedback and suggestions of early adopters.

The makers are a small company with development efforts spread between Prague, CZ and Edinburgh, UK, and they want to scale up the production slowly.


  • Hybrid synthesis engine
  • 10-voice polyphony
  • Compact and sturdy form factor
  • USB MIDI controller input
  • 32bit internal processing
  • Onboard effects
  • Extensive arpeggiator
  • Warp module
  • Complex modulation mechanism


Pricing and Availability:

Early bird price: 766€

More information:




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