Self-Contained Portable Music Maker

The Organelle gets built-in speaker, microphone, battery power and MIDI jacks      27/06/19

Critter & Guitari tell us that their Organelle has grown from a ‘device’ to a full-fledged instrument that can keep up with your new musical ideas anywhere you go and anywhere they take you.

 A spokesperson told us, “New features liberate the Organelle so it’s ready to go at any time - just turn it on and play in impromptu music environments. It offers an immediate, full-spectrum music-making experience - be playful or intentional in the studio or wherever you find inspiration.You’re now free to make music in an easier way.”

Four new features have been added to the new Organelle which replaces the model launched in 2016. To differentiate from the older model, it is known as the Organelle M.

  •     Built-in Speaker
  •     Built-in Microphone
  •     Battery Power
  •     MIDI Jacks


The Organelle has also been upgraded with a faster processor, twice as much RAM, and an improved web interface for patch management and Link sessions.

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