Massive X Is Out! We Take A Look

Native Instruments new super synth      27/06/19
25:45 mins    

As we know Massive has proven to be a solid favourite amongst many producers - the quality of the sound and the weight, complexity and modulation options are well, massive.

Native Instruments have been trailing the all new Massive X synthesizer -  they call it their "Next Generation Flagship Synthesizer" its not a replacement but an all new synth which appears to veer quite heavily into Reaktor territory in terms of routing and options. Its  a Dual Wavetable synth with an enormous amount of source wavetables and waveshaping.

Several modules - filter, noise, FX (x6 per patch) have interchangeable and swap-able modules making it more akin to a modular environment. Its also got a dedicated routing page which adds even more routing.

Just the oscillators are mind-bendingly complex with several unique ways to read the wavetable data and a pre filter. The possibilities are huge.

We were fortunate enough to get an early look at the late Beta (that kind of makes sense right?) 

Massive X is intended to be an extensible synthesizer with NI committing to on going updates. Available now priced at €199/$199 (upgrade from Massive €149/$149) and included  in Komplete 12.

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