Inertia Sound Systems Introduce Instinct

'A Living Organism of Drive, Dynamics and Tone'      27/06/19

Inertia Sound Systems describes Instinct as A Living Organism of Drive, Dynamics and Tone. A spokesperson told us, “Instinct is not just another distortion, dynamics processing, or tone shaping audio engine. It is a sonic monster that can create new worlds from the sound you feed it with. Varying from smooth analog warmth or dynamics processing to total destruction, aggressiveness and alienation.”


  •     High quality, Transistor and Tube models.
  •     Versatile signal flow, with one or two drive circuits in series.
  •     VA Resonant Filters
  •     A wide response transient shaper "SCULPT" with optional external sidechain.
  •     Morph across circuit models and circuit model parameters.
  •     Transparent high quality Boost Filter.
  •     High quality resampling.

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price: € 30.00 (Regular price: € 60.00)

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