Suite Of 9 Modules For VCV Rack

Stellare Modular releases Creative Suite inspired by the Steevio Method      26/06/19

Stellare Modular, known for the free official Turing machine port and Ableton Link modules has released a commercial package of 9 modules called the Creative Suite for the VCV Rack.

They tell us that the modules were inspired by the ‘Steevio Method’ and feature all you need to replicate this generative sequencing method. The package consists of 9 modules:

  • Andromeda - Gate / CV sequencer
  • Azular - Gate sequencer
  • Nomlia - CV sequencer
  • Delta - Shuffle generator
  • Pelisia - Matrix Mixer
  • Qusia - Dual Trigger Delay
  • Sigma - Precission Adder
  • AL14 - 4 Outputs 1 Input Sequential Switch
  • AL41 - 4 Inputs 1 Output Sequential Switch


Pricing and Availability:
The Creative Suite is now available in the VCV Rack Store for 25 US dollars and only works with Rack V1.0.

More information:






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