73 Patches For The Moog Sub 37

Robust American Patches releases a new collection      25/06/19

Robust American Patches has released 73 for the 37, a set of 73 patches for the Moog Sub 37. This is what they have to say about them...

73 for the 37? How did we ever arrive at the number 73? Simple...This collection contains 64 patches. (half a bank) Then we added 9 more patches for free. To be honest...We just liked how "73 for the 37" sounded.

Nearly every patch in this collection comes complete with modwheel, aftertouch and velocity assignments. These sounds are meant to be played and programmed to be extremely expressive. You might find yourself pouring a bit of your soul into some of these amazingly playable patches. I know we did here at the Robust HQ. Many of these sounds use the sequencer as an extra modulation source. (Usually when both LFOs are already busy and we still wanted to add some vibrato or do something extra with the MW) A few of the sequencer patches have the sequencer sync button engaged. The Sub 37 will make no sound until you either send it some midi clock or turn the arpeggiator sync button off. Many of the bass patches sound absolutely great as leads and vice versa.



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