New Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Modules

US ESP-20 Processor and Hex Phaser released      21/06/19

Cherry Audio has released two new modules for Voltage Modular. Here’s the details in their own words…

ESP-20 Processor
The new ESP-20 Processor ($10), now part of the MS Vintage Bundle ($30), recreates the slightly bizarre and endlessly useful External Signal Processor section of the classic MS-20 synthesizer. Includes low cut filter, high cut filter, gate and trigger outputs with a threshold setting, and an envelope follower.

The star of the show is the frequency to voltage converter, which analyzes incoming audio and generates matching voltages for controlling oscillator pitch and envelope amplitude. This lets you "play" Voltage Modular by singing, playing guitar, or any other monophonic signal source.

Existing owners of the MS Vintage Bundle will find this new module FREE in their library!

Hex Phaser
The new Hex Phaser ($15) could be the most flexible stereo phaser ever created for a modular synthesizer. Everything is adjustable, including the number of active stages and the stage at which feedback is introduced. Rate, depth, bandwidth, and feedback amount are fully modulatable.‎

The Stereo Offset control changes the  phase relationship between the left right channel LFOs. External LFO can be used in place of Hex Phaser's LFO. The tonal variations are endless.‎

Pricing and Availability:
ESP-20 Processor: $10, now part of the MS Vintage Bundle ($30)
Hex Phaser: $15

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