Sonic TALK 579 - Unicorn Strings

LSD Buchla, Glass Bowls, MIDILAR, AND Synth 1010 Blackbox      13/06/19

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64:41 mins


All three for a rare in-studio show....


iZotope Neutron 3

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00:05:10 - Buchla and the LSD myth 
00:11:15 Riot Audio Bowed Glass BowlsFreeze Machines from Sonicstate
00:17:45 Softube Parallels synth
00:18:45 MIDIlar Midi control modules
00:30:30 WIN izotope Neutron 3
00:36:35 ANS Photoelectric Synth
00:42:54 Mark's G4 Guitar and Omnichords
00:53:14 1010 Music BlackBox
01:00:00   Goodbyes

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