Podcast: Sonic TALK 578 - A Coarser Cheese Grater

Apple News, Chernobyl, Motor Synth      06/06/19

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59:15 mins


  • Gaz Williams - Producer, bassplayer, music technologist
  • Rich Hilton - Nile Rodgers Studio guy, keyboards for Chic
  • Matt Hodson - MATTHS - producer, synthesis and educator


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00:10:15 Mac pro then
00:22:11 iZotope RX7 CompetitionFreeze Machines from Sonicstate
00:24:50 Chernobyl Soundtrack
00:33:05 Motor Synth
00:42:05 Softube Parallels
00:43:35  More from Apple's WWDC
00:55:00 Goodbyes and wrap

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