A Synth That Transmits Emotional Energy

SOMA lab's ENNER uses the artist's body for the main sound processing      05/06/19

Seen here in a preview video of the prototype, ENNER is a new project from SOMA lab that they say opens a line of sound machines with a new approach to sound extraction - using the artist's body for the main sound processing.

Designer Vlad Kreimer had this to say, "We are launching a new project with the main goal to bring new possibilities of sound extraction and self-expression. A line of machines which are direct transmitters of emotional energy. The first prototype is ready to be shown. I had got the idea of the synth while I was listening to the track of  danish sound-artist SiSTOR. I thought that we need more flexible instruments for such artists and started to think about how it could be realized. We got in an art-dialogue and decided to try to make the synth together."

Pricing and Availability:
Estimated net price for ENNER is 500 Euros.

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