Stereo Filter For iOS

Numerical Audio's SF-1 is built around two multimode filters and various means of modulation      03/06/19

Stereo Filter For iOS

Numerical Audio has released SF-1 Stereo Filter Effect for iOS. They describe it as a highly playable filter effect built around two multimode filters and various means of modulation. Here's the details in their own words...

SF-1 is a dual Stereo Filter Effect with a special focus on expressiveness.

Built around 2 true stereo multimode filters that can be configured to run in series, parallel or one per channel, dual tempo sync-able LFOs, Envelope Follower, XY-Pad and Motion Sequencing SF-1 is true filtering powerhouse.

It's built-in XY-Pad takes a prominent place, both visually and conceptionally. Both axis can be mapped to any parameter and Motion Sequencing of 1 to 8 bars synchronized to the host tempo makes sequencing complex filter sweeps as easy as it could possibly be.

Since the filters are designed to operate in true stereo, SF-1 makes a great performance effect when used on a master bus, especially in combination with the XY-Pad and it's different play-modes.

With Pad-Lock, the XY-Pad will always return to a set location after lifting a finger allowing for a wide range of play styles.

In addition, Pad-Engage/FX-Release only enables the effect while the XY-Pad is being touched and applies a tempo synced delay effect when lifting the finger making it a great option for expressive live performances.

- Dual Stereo Filter
- 2 Filter Models: SEM & Transistor Ladder
- 3 Filter Modes each: LP, HP, BP
- Serial, Parallel or Channel Split Routing
- Dual LFO with Tempo Sync
- Envelope Follower
- XY-Pad with Automation
- Pad Lock / Latch
- Pad-Engage/FX Release for Smooth FX Trails

- Standalone
- AUv3
- AudioBus (Filter)

- Tempo Sync
- CC Control
- XY-Control

- iOS9+
- iPad 4th generation or newer

Pricing and Availability:

$5.99 at the app store.

More information:


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