Presonus Studio One 4.5 Out Today - Up To 70% CPU Savings

New channel mixer, metering groups and more      21/05/19

Presonus today anounced the availability of their Studio One DAW version 4.5. It features a bunch of asked for features as well as additional ones they thought up all by themselves.

Probably the biggest one although nothing to look at is the CPU efficiency savings. Presnous quote up to 70% on Native Plugin Multi Instrument instances with  around 50% for third party instruments like Kontakt.

Expanded input mixer and gain staging with added polarity switch and gain for every audio, instrument, FX and Bus channel

The console’s multi-channel I/O routing to single sources/destinations has been streamlined to a single click. We’ve also added an alternate “reverse sidechain” workflow, and copied plug-ins now retain their sidechain routing. Global pre-fader metering has been added to the console, as well as an RMS/Peak metering option for all channels.

There are over 70 new features for Studio One 4.5. For a full list of whats new check out the Presonus Website

Studio One 4.5 is available only on 64-bit OS and upgrade is free to 4.0 users with upgrades from Artist version to Professional are on the Presonus Website 



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