Superbooth 2019: New Modules

US Moritz gave us a run down of their new modules      12/05/19 had a bunch of new stuff to show of this year at Superbooth. Including a new line of 6hp modules and a sequencer. With 6 new modules there was a lot to go through. 


• portable 2 hp power module for compact skiff cases with dual passive multiples

• 12 to 20V DC input

• up to 1A from +12V

• up to 700mA from -12V via flying busboard



• fast and effective 6 hp envelope generator with variable slope curves and three modes: looping, attack-sustain-release (ASR) and attack-decay (AD)

• 320 kHz samplerate, zero aliasing CV generation

• 1V/oct input, bipolar and unipolar outputs, selectable end of cycle outputs

• thru-zero VCA input that inverts the envelope when CV goes to negative voltage


Squawk Dirty To Me

• simple and effective 6 hp VCF

• 8 filter modes available with meta CV scanning, famous zero-delay feedback Grand Terminal filters: transistor ladder, ms-20, vactrol, state variable filter, dual lo-hi pass isolator filter and a comb.

• additional hi-pass filter cuts the boomy low end


Milky Way

• simple and effective 6 hp stereo* FX module

• 8 types of effects available with CV meta scanning

• 2 famous banks: Airwaves and Darkwaves (more banks coming soon)

• volume control via VCA

*depending on the effect type



• fast and effective 6 hp VCO with the well known Autotuner and octave shift

• Strong Zero VCO core delivers powerful thru-zero linear FM

• modulation index with pre-patched self-modulation to create FM synthesis blocks on the fly

• sine/fold output features the outstanding Furthrrrr Generator folder 

• odd/even output has a pre-patched sub-oscillator for even deeper bass action


Ground Control

• 42 hp Eurorack modular performance sequencer workstation

• 2 octave keyboard, play sequences and grooves on the fly or use external USB/MIDI gear or DAW integration or control external MIDI gear

• arbitrary, up to 64 steps per pattern, 24 patterns per track – all contained in up to 24 projects

• dedicated mute bus, quantized to pattern length

• 4 tracks – one drum track with 8 triggers, 3 melodic CV/gate tracks. Velocity and CC transmitted and recorded via MIDI

• also works as a power supply for your modular system (same as Shuttle Control) or can be powered from the power bus of your system

• two record modes: step input with step editing and live recording

• arpeggiator, roller, patterns queue, live note removal, slides, ties/rests, quick transpose

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