Ableton CV Tools For Live - Both In And Out

10 Tools for modular voltage control      07/05/19

Ableton today announced their CV Tools package - a suite of 10  devices for Live 10.1 and above that allows you (through the use of DC coupled audio interfaces) to not only control your external CV gear with Gates, CV, Clock, Control and more but also to read CV and convert to MIDI for controlling Ableton and its devices.

You will need a DC coupled audio interface, such at MOTU, Expert Sleepers, Universal Audio and  RME.

And its not quite ready for prime time just yet, but is now in Pulic Beta - just login to your account.

CV Instrument
Allows you to control your modular with MIDI, like a synth. Features flexible mod-ulation and voicing options.

CV Triggers
Send Triggers, Gates, and Pings from inside Live.

Create organic rhythms and experiment with modular style beat generation.Sends out MIDI, you can even use it with Drum Racks.

Clock In
Control Live’s tempo and playing with your modular

Clock Out
Allows you to sync your modular to Live
Add more LFOs to your modular system

CV Shaper
Create flexible modulation shapes

CV Envelope Follower
Allows you to control your modular with audio signals from inside Live

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